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                  All of our products are made from 100% natural wood 

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gallery wrapped blank artist canvas

Our canvases are built to last. They are made to lay flat against the walln without warping or twisting. We have over 32 years of experience and as an Artist myself, I know the importance of having a properly built canvas. I have been painting on stretched canvas for 34 years and I am an extremely picky Artist. I refuse to paint on just anything. The canvas has to be a grade ''A'' quality canvas. It has to be square, sturdy, lightweight, hand stretched to the proper tension, not saggy, stretched over a well built frame and gallery wrapped. No side staples! 
Every canvas that we sell is one that I would proudly use myself. 

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We hope you can find everything you need. LoomsAndToolz is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

With a large variety of gallery wrapped, pre-primed blank artist canvases in all sizes, illusion frames,weaving and knitting supplies to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. We accept custom orders for all quantities ans sizes. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Quality, communication and fast order processing! 

Everything that we sale is made in our workshop so we can make any quantity, size or design that you need. We normally sell in kits but if you need a single item or a different quantity, just let us know. 

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Weaving lomms with heddle bar.
Kit includes:
-Weaving Loom
-Heddle Bar
-Weaving Stick Shuttle
-Weaving Needle
-Weaving Comb
-2 Balls of Yarn

 Floater frame Illusion frame canvas combo frame with canvas

Floater Illusion Frame with matching canvas.

The frame is made from 100% all natural wood and sanded to a smooth finish.

The canvas is 8 oz, triple prime, gallery wrapped, 1.5 depth and ready to be used with all mediums.

This frame/canvas combo makes your work stand out even more. We take to worry out of having to find a frame to match your canvas. 

Our standard frame is 2 inches depth and the frame is 1.5 depth. We also have frames without the canvas. We can customize and size that you need. 

custom blank artist canvas gallery wrapped canvas primed artist canvas

-Fabric:            100% Cotton   Ready to be used with all mediums
-Surface:          Triple primed white
-Finish:             Archival 
-Texture:          Heavy/Medium
-Style:               Gallery wrapped 

We also have color primed blank canvases. 

blank artist canvas 16x20 9x12 11x14 24x30 48x48 60x60 5x5 20x20 20x24
All quantities and sizes are available. 
Weaving loom heedle bar. 
Speed up your weaving time with this handy heddle bar. It's very simple to use with most laplooms. 
All sizes available up to 48 inches long. 
roll artist canvas
Primed canvas rolls by the yard, feet or inch 
Length is 60 inches 
Available in 8oz, 10oz, 12oz and 14oz

Discounted roll: 6 Yards x 60 inches long 8 oz, triple primed roll
BuyNow: 63.92  
Aromatic red cedar weaving stick shuttles loomsandtoolz red cedar cedar shuttle

Aromatic red cedar weaving supplies. 

Red cedar wood has many benefits other than just beauty and a great aroma!

It has been used throughout history where a waterproof and durable material or wood was needed. In the third millennium B.C., the Indus civilization used cedar to create lavish temples and royal palaces. Alexander the Great built great naval fleets from this long-lasting wood. In America, Indian tribes used red cedar to build totem poles, believing it held spiritual powers. In the 18th century, European furniture makers began using American aromatic cedar in travel trunks and bridal hope chests to protect keepsakes and fine woolens. Red is also used in spas, for fence post, roofing and other areas that require a durable, waterproof, lightweight material. 

Store these tools in with your fabric to keep out unwanted pests! Aromatic cedar can be used to repel moths and some types of carpet beetles from fine woolens. A scientific study has proven that this remarkable wood also works against certain species of cockroaches and silverfish. Although aromatic cedar cannot kill these insects, it does effectively repel them, providing an all-natural alternative to chemical repellents. 

Try a set of our aromatic weaving tools and if you are not completely satisfied, we will issue you a full refund. 


If you have issues with wood allergies or sensitivity to pollen or perfumes, we do not recommend this product as it has a natural red cedar wood aroma. 

We do offer free samples with the purchase of any item by request. The sample will be wrapped separately from the purchased item(s). 

weaving cards Oak loomsandtools
weaving stick shuttle
mini weaving loom kit
Great starter kit!
5x5 inch Mini weaving loom kit with 3 balls of yarn, 3 needles and shed stick.
This loom is very sturdy and simple to use. The yarn balls are 6 yards each so there's more than enough for this size loom.
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heddle bar weaving loom heddle bar weaving reed loomsandtoolz

Weaving loom Heddle Bar. Available in lengths up to 48 inches long. 

Speed up the weaving process with this well crafted weaving heddle bar. 

It's made from all natural wood, sanded smooth and coated in natural oils.

Simple twist the bar slightly in one direction and than bar in the opposite direction to switch the warp thread while weaving. No more of the slow method of feeding the shuttle through the warps by weaving up and down through the warps. Save time and make the weaving process more enjoyable. Save money by adding this item when purchasing any size weaving loom.  

We'll match this heddle to the width of your loom. Or feel free to buy it separately. 

weaving inkle tablet shuttle oak
LAT weaving lap loom loomsandtoolz
knitting needles loomsandtoolz bulk needles
Inkle loom shuttles red cedar aromatic red cedar
Inkle loom shuttles
weaving neede loomsandtoolz wooden needles knitting needle
weaving comb with weaving needle oak

Weaving combs in all sizes from small to large. 

All natural oak wood.

weaving inkle shuttle oak wood

inkle shuttle kits in all sizes.

Kit includes one injle shuttle, one needle and one weaving stick shuttle, 

All natural oak wood

Special discount will be applied to bulk orders of 20 or more items in a single purchase.