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8 inch Lot of 100 Unfinished weaving stick shuttles Oak

$63.28 $68.72

These shuttles are unfinished.They have been cut to exactly 8 inches long and planed down to 1/4 of an inch thick. They are not sanded. Although the planer makes them smooth on the top and bottom, sanding will be needed to make them fully smooth and comfortable to use. Great for finishing for resell or to be used for weaving projects. Lot of 100 unfinished weaving stick shuttles 8 inches long x 1 1/4 inch wide. The round opening at each end is 3/4 inch, the slit or opening at each end is 3/8 of an inch wide, Made from 100% all natural oak wood. You will be very happy with our service,product quality,processing and shipping time. If you are not 100% satisfied with your items, we will pay return shipping and either replace the item or give you a full refund. Custom ordering is available. Order processing time is within 2 days. 90 Day return policy starts the day after delivery confirmation.

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