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 Canvas stretch bars and assembled frames.

Our main focus is providing the best possible quality at reasonable prices

Our pre-stretched artist canvases are gallery wrapped and triple-primed with acid-free archival quality gesso. These canvases are perfect for beginners, students or advanced artists looking for a high-quality lightweight canvas. 
Ready to be used with all mediums as well as spray paint.
The frames are built from professionally kiln dried lumber and measured from every angle so your canvas size will be exactly what you ordered with no offsets. The edges are beveled which allows the artist to paint all the way out to the edge of the canvas without leaving a print from the frame underneath. Any size frame exceeding 8 inches is built with corner supports to aid in the overall stability. Our large canvases such as 24x24 inches and larger are built with center supports as well as corner supports.
Our canvases are built to last and will not warp or twist. They are made to lay flat against the wall. 
We have over 32 years of experience and as an Artist myself, I know the importance of having a properly built canvas. I have been painting on stretched canvas for 34 years and I am an extremely picky Artist. I refuse to paint on just anything. The canvas has to be a grade A quality canvas. It has to be square, professional grade, hand stretched to the proper tension, not saggy, solid well built frame that will hold up for centuries to come and gallery wrapped, no side staples. 
Every canvas that we sell is one that I would proudly use myself. 
If you are not completely satisfied with your items, simply return the item to us and we will give you a full refund with no hassle. All of our canvases and frames are built in our facility so if you do not see the size of style that you are looking for, feel free to contact us for a custom order. There are no additional charges for a custom order, you only pay for the size which is calculated by the inch.
We're a Family owned business in North Carolina that takes pride in what we do. 
-Fabric:            100% Cotton   Ready to be used with all mediums.
-Finish:             Archival 
-Texture:          Heavy/Medium
-Style:               Solid
-Frame type: Beveled edge  Natural wood
We have pre-stretched artist canvas in 8 oz, 10 oz, and 12 oz 
We also have assembled and disassembled stretcher frames in all sizes up to 60x60 inches and Floater/Illousion frames. 
Feel free to contact us anytime if have any question.
Custom ordering is available. 

These are several large canvases from my personal collection for an upcoming art show.

50x60, 50x65, 30x60 and other large sizes.

Available for 3/4, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 inch depth canvas as well as canvas panel. 
Custom ordering available.